Lowongan Kerja Part Timer Talk Fusion

Lyrics Lagu : Beatiful Boy

Close your eyes,
have no fear,
the monster´s gone
he´s on the run and your daddy´s here.
Beautiful...beatiful beautiful beautiful boy.

Before you go to sleep say a little prayer
everyday in everyway it´s getting better and better...

Out on the ocean
sailing away

Lyrics Lagu : Love

Love is real, real is love.
Love is feeling, feeling love.
Love is waiting to be loved.
Love is touch, touch is love.
Love is reaching, reaching love.
Love is asking to be loved.
Love is you, you and me.
Love is know-own-ing we can be.
Love is free, free is love.
Love is living, living love.

Lyrics Lagu : Imagine

Imagine there´s no Heaven,
it´s easy if you try.
No Hell below us,
above us only sky.
Imagine all the people
living for today.

Imagine there´s no countries,
it isn´t hard to do
nothing to kill or die
for and no religion, too.

Lyrics Lagu : Jealous Guy

I was dreaming of the past
and my heart was beating fast.
I began to loose control... 2x
...I didn´t mean to hurt you,
I´m sorry that I made you cry,
oh, well, I didn´t want to hurt you,
I´m just a jealous guy.

I was feeling insecure,
you might not love me anymore,

Lyrics Lagu : Save Me

It started off so well, they said we made a perfect pair.
I clothed myself in your glory and your love.
How I loved you! How I cried!
The years of care and loyalty were nothing but a sham, it seems.
The years belie we lived a lie: "I love you till I die".
Save me!...I can´t face this life alone!...
...I´m naked and I´m far from home.
The slate will soon be clean, I´ll erase the memories
to start again with somebody new,
was it all wasted, all that love?
I hang my head and I advertise a soul for sale or rent.

Lyrics Lagu : The Sound Of Silence

Hello darkness, my old friend,
I´ve come to talk with you again.
Because a vision softly creeping,
left it seeds while I was sleeping.
And the vision that was planted in my brain
still remains within the sound of silence...

In restless dreams I walked alone
narrow streets of cobblestone,
´neath the halo of a street lamp,

Lyrics Lagu : She's Like The Wind

She´s like the wind through my tree,
she rides the night next to me,
she leads me through moonlight
only to burn me with the sun.
She´s taken my heart,
but she doesn´t know what she´s done.
Feel her breath on my face, her body close to me.

Lyrics Lagu : Will You Be There?

Hold me like the river Jordan
and I will then say to thee: «You are my friend».
Carry me like you are my brother,
love me like a mother, will you be there?
When weary, tell me, will you hold me? when wrong,
will you mold me? when lost, will you find me?
But they told me a man should be faithful and walk when
not able, and fight till the end, but I´m only human.

Lyrics Lagu : Angel

I, I can´t read the future,
but I still want to hold you close,
right now, is all I want from you,
so give me the morning sharing another day
with you, is all I want to know.
And baby I, I´ve tried to forget you,
but the light of your eyes still shine.
You shine like an angel, a spirit that won´t let me go.
I, I didn´t want to tell you
things I didn´t want to know myself.
I was afraid to show, but you gave me a reason...

Lyrics Lagu : Just Another Day

Mornings alone. When you come home
I breathe a little faster everytime we´re together.
It´d never be the same if you´re not here
how can you stay away, away so long?
why can´t we stay together?
Give me a reason...I, I don´t wanna say it,
I don´t wanna find another way,
make it through the day without you.
I, I can´t resist trying to find exactly what I miss.
It´s just another day without you...
...Making the time, find the right lines

Lyrics Lagu : Wind Of Change

I follow the Moskua down to Gorky Park
listening to the wind of change.
An August summer night, soldiers passing by...
...The world is closing in, did you ever think
that we could be so close, like brothers?
The future is in the air, I can feel it everywhere
blowing with...
...Take me to the magic of the moment on a glory night
where the children of tomorrow dream away in...
...Walking down the street, distant memories

Lyrics Lagu : Spending My Time

What´s the time? Seems it´s already morning.
I see the sky, it´s so beautiful and blue.
The T.V.´s on, but the only thing showing is a picture of you.
Oh! I get up and make myself some coffee,
I try to read a bit but the story´s too thin.
I thank the Lord above that you´re not here to see me

Lyrics Lagu : That's What Friends Are For

And I never thought I´d feel this way,
and as far as I´m concerned
I´m glad I got the chance to say
that I do believe I love you...
And if I should ever go away,
well, then close your eyes and try
to feel the way we do today,
and then, if you can remember
keep smilin´, keep shinin´,

Lyrics Lagu : Love Is All Around

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes,
The love that´s all around me and so the feeling grows.
It´s written on the wind, it´s everywhere I go,
so if you really love me come on and let it show.
You know I love you, I always will,
my mind´s made up by the way that I feel.
There´s no beginning, there´ll be no end
´cause on my love you can depend.
I see your face before me as I lay on my bed,
I cannot get to thinking of all the things you said.

Lyrics Lagu : Julia Says

Here we go again, thru the backstreets of my mind,
it seems my life was standing still.
Who´s sorry now? It´s funny how I didn´t know it...
...fighting things we never win,
it seems our love was standing still. I´m sorry now,
It´s funny how I don´t feel the love,
I just hear the words, Julia says
she doesn´t know what it´s all about,
she doesn´t seem to care at all.
Open your eyes and see love hurts.